About Us


Our History

Goodwill Integrated Solutions (GIS) is a best-in-class supplier of packaging, distribution, kitting, light assembly, rework, and audit/inspection services. Founded in 1924 to manufacture glove box manuals for early-century automobiles, today GIS ships over 1.4 million parts monthly to multiple companies in a variety of industries, including automotive and consumer products.

Our Impact

We co-create independence and dignity through the power of personal workforce and development opportunities. As an extension of Goodwill Detroit, GIS is focused on helping individuals with significant employment barriers obtain and retain employment, earn a living wage, and start on a career path with opportunities for advancement. Because of GIS's world class timeliness and quality, GIS customers and partners are able to do good without compromising their business needs.

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Our Facility

In the Fall of 2020, GIS moved into a new facility located in the heart of downtown Dearborn. This new location includes plenty of room for growth, allowing GIS to better meet the needs of all its customers.


Our Proven Value

We deliver products and services through packaging, kitting, and light assembly at world-class quality and highly-competitive prices!

Goodwill Integrated Solutions (GIS)
External Customers Served


65+ Global Customers
Across 13 Countries

Who Works at GIS?

At GIS our “Internal Customers” consist of Returning citizens, Citizens with mental, physical & developmental disabilities, Veterans, Chronically underemployed and Unemployed individuals.